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Local Seafood in the Florida Keys

Do you crave fresh, local seafood?  If so, the Florida Keys are definitely the place for you!  Stretching more than 100 miles into the open ocean, it’s no wonder that commercial fishing is the second-largest industry in the Keys.  When you sit down in Florida Keys Restaurants to enjoy a succulent seafood dish, chances are your meal was being unloaded at the docks that morning!  The Keys are known all around the world for delicious Key West pink shrimp.  These crustaceans are a delicacy and are far more sweet than the ones you will find anywhere else.

Dining establishments all over the islands create fantastic dishes while using this invaluable natural resource.  The mollusk conch is another mouth watering find.  You can find conch fritters almost anywhere on the islands and if you are here for a visit, don’t leave without giving them a try!  Even though it is no longer legal to harvest conch in the Florida Keys the ones that make it to your plate will leave your taste buds happy.  Stone Crab Claws are a local favorite that are considered by many to be the most important (or at least the tastiest) renewable resource.  Most of the meat in the stone crab is found in the claws so when they are caught only the claws are harvested.  The crabs are returned to the sea and the claws grow back.  The Florida Keys are responsible for about 40 percent of the state’s overall harvest.  Stone Crab season runs from Oct. 15 to May 15.

Lobsters are an amazing addition to all the fresh seafood found in the Keys.  Known as spiny lobster, they offer sweet and tender meat but they have no claws.  Lobster season runs from Aug. 6 to March 31.  There are multitudes of fish that Florida Keys Restaurants routinely use in their cuisine.  Some of the more popular are yellowtail snapper, hogfish, grouper, and mahi mahi.  If your tastes run towards the more exotic you can easily find a place to enjoy a lionfish special.

Looking for some of the Best Key West Pink Shrimp?  Be sure to stop by the Half Shell Raw Bar!  Set in the heart of the Historic Seaport at the Key West Bight, the Half Shell Raw Bar is an authentic Key West fish house. Once a shrimp packing building, it has stayed true to its blue-collar harbor front heritage.

Half Shell Raw Bar

Florida Keys Restaurants

You will find the Scrumptious Conch Fritters at The Conch Shack on Duval Street.  Find out for yourself why the Conch Shack has built its reputation serving the best fritters on the island.  One of the few establishments in Key West to serve Cracked Conch, theirs is guaranteed tender and is paired with a Key Lime Aioli and a spicy Pink Sauce.

The Conch Shack

Florida Keys Restaurants

A fantastic place to find Stone Crab Claws is The Stoned Crab.  The freshest, most expertly prepared seafood, the best service and a carefree environment unlike any other — Just like Key West, The Stoned Crab has something for everyone!

The Stoned Crab

Florida Keys Restaurants

Wanting to experience an unforgettable Lobster Dinner?  You must visit A & B Lobster House.  Enjoy the finest steaks, locally caught seafood and lobsters from Maine and Florida, prepared with a delicate fusion of classic and contemporary styles by their renowned chefs.

A & B Lobster House

Florida Keys Restaurants


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    Will be visiting Key West at the end of September!! Can’t wait to try some of these restaurants. Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

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